While not necessarily the most hyped shoe on the market, Nike’s Roshe One (originally titled the Roshe Run) has been Nike’s biggest success in terms of new shoe designs. The shoe has gone from a streetwear favorite to every mall in America in just a few years, something big shoe brands like Nike usually can only dream of. After some minor variations, the shoe might be ready for it’s first big update.

Photos sent to EUkicks.com were shared to Hypebeast today, and they line up with some earlier computer renderings that appeared on SoleCollector via NikeBlog back in December of 2015. While we might be skeptical of any of these individually, together these rumors seem legit.

The Nike Roshe 2 keeps a lot of the same elements from the original, but improves the design in more than a few ways. The biggest different is the tongue construction, which looks to use more of a sock design rather than a the Roshe One’s free-floating tongue. The new tongue also adds a bevy of eyelets in irregular places, which may allow for some creative lacing. The shoe’s shape has been smoothed out a bit, which should make it less boxy and more sleek and low to the ground. The sole remains mostly unchanged, but uses the 2 piece version from the NM.

What are your thoughts on the Nike Roshe 2?