In the entertainment industry, fame and fortune are fleeting.

For most, there comes the awkward crossroads where more money is leaving than coming in and new avenues must present themselves.

No shame in that. But, recently an upset Lyft rider got his ride cancelled by a driver and decided to put the driver and his identity on blast.

Apparently, the rider who had “somewhere to be” and got cancelled on by none other than Roscoe Dash, the Atlanta-bred emcee who found his success most notably in 2010 with his “All The Way Turnt Up” and “No Hands” cuts.

In a series of screenshots, we’re shown the driver, Jeffery who certainly looks like an older Roscoe Dash, sans Mohawk. A little further investigation reveals that Roscoe Dash’s government name is in fact Jeffery Lee Johnson Jr.

According to a representative for Roscoe, he does in fact own the car. However, does not drive for Lyft, insisting that Dash instead rents out vehicles to help out friends and family. 

"I have decided to take this opportunity to open the lines of communication and reach out to the gentleman who Tweeted about me yesterday evening. My team and I want to offer him a ride to make up for the cancelled ride of which I think he wanted to happen very badly. I still won’t be driving (sorry Twitter haters, the allegation is simply untrue), but I WILL be in the car," Roscoe said in a statement. "I will also sit in on random rides provided by Lyft playing songs off of my upcoming album and meeting with fans throughout the course of this weekend. It’s important to take the high road, no matter the situation. Rather than choosing negativity, I CHOOSE MUSIC!”