Following the "3 Pack From Paris," Nicki Minaj dared Remy Ma to put out a hit record in 72 hours and we haven't heard anything from her since. Meanwhile, Nicki throws daggers again on a track that really didn't need any. And there's growing speculation that the target was Remy Ma.

On David Guetta's "Light My Body Up," a song about sexual seduction that also features Lil Wayne, Minaj spits rhymes that sound familiar. If she wasn't trying to shade Remy Ma, she must have had her in the back of her mind when she wrote these lyrics.

"I just started my sentence like a capital letter/Got bars for years I hope you send me a letter/No she'll never be queen so now she got a vendetta/I ain't talking 'bout David when I say Imma Guetta/ Twenty mil on my off/Season off course/Twenty million when you ain't put out no album or tours/Yes bitch I'm me/Pretty N-I-C/Get it?Icy but my name is spelled N-I-C," she spits in the dance track's opening verse.

The part about "sentence" and "bars for years" could point to Remy's six-year stint in jail. The "shETHER" emcee likes to fashion herself as the "queen" of NY and the two have been fighting for the crown for weeks. As for the twenty million, it might refer to Nicki's constant claim that she has more money than her Bronx counterpart.

Watch the lyric video for "Light My Body Up" and tell us what you think in the comment section. Is Nicki warming up for round 2?