In light of the endless L's Ja Rule has been taking on the daily, it's hard to believe that Ja & Irv Gotti were once dominant figures in the rap game. The former, a rapper with a midas touch for hits. The latter, a coveted producer and CEO of Murder Inc records. However, after a legendary beef with Shady/Aftermath records, Murder Inc records found they could not withstand the onslaught of Em & Fifty in their prime. Unfortunately for Ja & Irv, the Murder Inc name no longer carried much weight, and the once powerful label faded into obscurity. 

After a long-ass radio silence, Irv Gotti has posted good news for Murder Inc loyalists. "I'm about to RE LAUNCH MURDER INC RECORDS!!," says Irv. "I got some new artist. New music. Same fucking MOVEMENT!"

It would seem like Gotti is poised for a big comeback, and it sounds like dude is reinvigorated. No word if any of the old associates like Cadillac Tah, Black Rob, or Ja himself will be attached to the comeback, but it seems like a fresh start for the label. It's probably better that way.

Best of luck to Irv, who definitely had a solid repertoire of hits back in his prime.