A piece of artwork has been making the rounds, allegedly tied to some new Kendrick Lamar music. The ethereal photo bearing the name "Humble" has led to some rampant speculation. Is this a legitimate cause for hype, or a fake? We did some detective work to try and make sense of this.


The image appears to have originated from a French hip-hop site Masilia2007, where it was subsequently shared on the KTT forums. From there, it may or may not have made its way to 2DopeBoyz, who ended up breaking the story. From that point on, the fire was already lit and the hype began spreading. 

Before going further, it must be noted that the original post was quickly removed from Masilia2007, leaving a blank page in its wake. The fact that the post was pulled does give it a sense of legitimacy, as these quick removals are generally reserved for taking care of business. There's something about this that feels real, especially now that the Twitterverse has weighed in.

Here are a few notable tweets on the matter, including one from Mike WiLL Made It, leading some to speculate he would be producing the track.

Pretty much every media outlet has taken this story and run with it, and while the Mike WiLL connection is tenuous, it does provide a sliver of hype for a nighttime release. As it stands, nothing is official. Stay tuned with us for up to date coverage on the "Humble" saga.