Let me take you back to a little over a year ago: Kim Kardashianshared some audio of a phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift that alleges she approved of the lyrics used by the rapper about her in his Life of Pablo song "Famous." Arguably derogatory, the use of the phrase "that bitch" in reference to Swift was what angered the pop star so, leading to her claim that Kanye had been duplicitous about his prior request for approval, saying that he hadn't mentioned anything about the "bitch" line. Many sided with Taylor at the time and used the incident to once again vilify Yeezy online, turning things into a bit of a turf war between their respective fan bases. Now, after that dust has long since settled, rumors are flying that the country-pop superstar will be using her upcoming album to exact a bit of revenge on the polarizing emcee.

Swift made quite the scene leading up to the announcement of her new album and a new single, the latter of which is due out today (August 24th) across all major digital platforms. Earlier this week, she wiped her social media accounts clean and posted a menacing-looking video of a snake, baring its teeth and poised to strike at the camera/viewer. This could potentially be a reference to Kim's Twitter slight at her last year, who seemed to reference the singer in keeping with National Snake Day. If that sounds like a stretch, this next tidbit isn't. The font used on Taylor's album cover for the upcoming release, Reputation, is the exact same one that Kanye used to stylize the cover art for Life of Pablo. That, coupled with the overlaying of fake newspaper clippings adorned with Swift's name in the headlines would suggest that a big statement is coming with her new music.

It's not clear whether the font choice was coincidental or not, but given Swift's perceived proclivity to be vindictive in the past, it seems likely that her new music will be fueled with at least some form of clap back at her haters, with Kanye West surely included among them.

Check our her new album cover below.