Beginning in 2009 with his infamous interruption of her MTV Video Music Award acceptance, Kanye West and Taylor Swift have been feuding for what seems like forever. Nearly a decade later, it seems that, at least from Swift's point of view, the animosity towards the other hasn't faded over time. After accusations that she stole Kanye's look and even font for the cover of her new album, there's no speculation that he's directly referencing his music with the title and intro of her upcoming track "Gorgeous."

Of course, that song title was also the name of an entry on West's critically acclaimed masterpiece, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. That track, which boasts both Kid Cudi and Raekwon as features, the gentle high-hat and the soulful rhythm of the instrumental help set the tone beautifully for the rest of the LP, which runs along a similar vibe. However, where Taylor's "Gorgeous" is concerned, there's more than a passing resemblance to the part of West's "Ultra Lightbeam," a song off of his album Life of Pablo. Listen to the intros to both pieces of audio and see if you can spot the similarity.

In the Swift teaser, the high-pitched young girl's voice who speaks the eponymous word in the intro and the sound of a different girl's voice in the first few moments of "Ultra Lightbeam" sound too close in nature to be a coincidence. It adds yet another layer to the conspiracy theories already surrounding Reputation, Taylor's forthcoming LP. In addition to the "coincidences" we mentioned earlier, the album is also scheduled to be released on the 10-year anniversary of the passing of Kanye's mother. While Taylor Swift's label, Big Machine, is denying that the dates were aligned intentionally, the overall vibe doesn't look great for the pop singer. Elite Daily stated that the record was supposedly locked into its specific Friday debut date based on the entire calendar of other Universal Music Group projects, but that this point, it will do little to quell the rumor mill. At this point, there's no way that Taylor Swift appears to be done with shading Kanye West for bygone misdeeds.