The world at large is still digesting the surprise release of Future and Young Thug's "Super Slimey" mixtape, and as a result, the lyrics haven't yet been analyzed with a fine tooth comb. Yet there are certain bars in the song "Real Love" that have raised a few eyebrows over a few notable lines in particular. While her name is never overtly said, it feels as if Future may be reminiscing about Ciara, with whom he had a widely publicized and eventually controversial relationship. In fact, Ciara and Future will always be intimately linked, as the pair of them have a son together, also named Future. Therefore it wouldn't be entirely impossible for Future to reflect on one of his most important relationships.

Admittedly, this could very well be a reach, but Future's a smart dude. He knows exactly what a "hawks" reference will connote. After all, Future hive nemesis and Ciara's current husband Russel Wilson plays for the Seattle Seahawks, and Future fans have a long and complicated relationship with the NFL quarterback. In fact, they generally tend to clown him at every occasion, feeling some type of way every time Russel Wilson gets paternal with baby Future. Therefore, when Future mentions the "hawks" not once, but twice, it stands to reason that Russel Wilson's going to come to mind.

Check out the "Real Love" lyrics in question here:

The agent just called and said the Hawks was available, I'm ready
You're all about the hawk n***a, that G5 is calling you (it's callin' you)
It's pink way more than I ever imagined (imagined)
I done measured it so I'm higher than Aladin (leggo)
No swaps out, I'm undecided whenever I pop out
I had the swerve for four years, I'm still under forty thousand miles
Bought the Bentley coupe and a bedspread on the same day
She drove the GT, fell in love with it the same day
She told me it was her favorite car, she dreamed about it
I couldn't walk away, my ego all in the way
I dropped cash on it, she told me she loved me even more 

Before you start screaming "reach" like you're spurring on Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam, check out the references to the Bentley coupe. Back when Future and Ciara were still an item, the pair of them both ended up copping Bentleys. Also, Future mentions how "she drove the GT," and Ciara ended up buying a Continental GT V8. Coincidence? Even more incriminating is the line that comes up later: "Turn on me, sue me, now nothing seems to amaze me," which may very well be alluding to the on and off lawsuits that Ciara filed against Future  during their custody battle.

So, what do ya'll think. Even if it is about Ciara, Future ends the song affirming that he's basically over it, rapping "If I can change anything I wouldn't erase it, came back on a private plane and upgraded." Was Future giving us a bit of real talk, or is this a reach?