Funk Flex: successful DJ, Hot 97 radio host, record producer, rapper, etc. Can he also be classified as a hater after his recent comments? Taking a look at how Twitter reacted to his boisterous claims of certain rappers being wack. Diddy posted a video on Instagram, commenting on the state of rap today and wishing that, with the number of rappers on the come-up, their sound does not become over-saturated. Funk Flex was inspired by the post, giving Diddy an "Amen" and deciding to call out a few rappers that he believes could step up their game.

While it makes sense for Flex to not understand Lil Yachty or Lil Pump given their age gap, Twitter did not take too kindly do his overall pettiness and especially, the inclusion of Nicki Minaj on his list of wack rappers. Twitter offers a platform for people to express themselves as honestly as they want and, since you are behind a computer screen, you can say generally anything without major repercussions. Users took to the social site to give their opinions on Funk Flex and his claims. Some stars, including producer TM88, even decided to give their opinions on the DJ.

Do you think Flex is just being a little petty? Do you agree with his wack rapper tags or do you think he is a hater? Check out how Twitter reacted and weigh in on the situation in the comments.