The KTT sleuths are at it again. The popular rap forum has unearthed some possible evidence of a Drake feature on Katy Perry's Prism deep cut, "Legendary Lovers", hidden in plain sight on songwriter Max Martin's official website.

The discography section of Martin's site lists his large collection of songwriting credits, including many of Katy Perry's hits, but contains one surprise in mysteriously listing Drake as a feature on "Legendary Lovers" -- a song from Perry's most recent record.

Read said credit below.

Legendary lovers (feat Drake)
Written by: M Martin/K Perry/L Gottwald/B McKee/H Walter
Produced by: M Martin/Dr. Luke/Cirkut

"Legendary Lovers" has not been released as a single, which has opened questions over whether a remix with Drake will serve as the next release from Prism. Another user on the forum pointed to a year-old New Yorker interview with Martin collaborator Dr. Luke, in which he discusses what seems to be this very feature.

“Hey, man,” he said. It was Katy Perry’s manager, Bradford Cobb. “What’s up? Talk to me.” They discussed the idea of getting Drake, the Canadian superstar whose pop-rap sound has an easy-like-Sunday-morning appeal, to write a rap for the bridge on one of Perry’s upcoming singles. Neither was sure he would do it, but they wanted to have the track ready so that if Drake were to come into the studio he could listen to it, and record something on the spot.

It's very likely that Drizzy did end up passing on the record, and his name was put on the record of more of a placeholder, but never removed. The fact that he is not listed as a songwriter lends to this argument. 

Still, we know that Perry is known to release 7+ singles from her albums, as well as tacking features on to them later on (see "E.T."), so we won't rule it out just yet. Our only request is that if this is a real thing that Drake debut his verse at the Superbowl Halftime show, which Perry is set to headline.

What do you think?