Soon after Meek and 50 started beefing, Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti decided to back the former, and he left a comment on Meek's Instagram in which he revealed that 50 Cent had filed an "order of protection" against him, his brother (Chris Gotti), and the rapper Black Child. Knowing 50, it was surprising it took him this long, but he has now responded to the Murder Inc. boss. 50 shared a picture of Irv Gotti as well as another rapper from The Inc., Ja Rule, to his Instagram, and wrote, "I took everything from these fools." 

He ended the above post by writing, "Look at bright side there is always reality TV." 

He then posted a picture of the album cover to Murder Inc.'s 2000 compilation album The Murderers, which shows the label's entire roster. "The whole label wiped out," 50 wrote, before going on to address the allegations Gotti made against him: "LMAO Irv know he ain't built like that, he soft always been soft. Acting like I need protection from him." 

Though 50 seemed to deny that he sought an order of protection against Gotti, the Murder Inc. boss has now gone a step further by sharing a picture of a legal document that he sees as proof of his initial claim. The document lists three defendants -- presumably Gotti, his brother, and Black Child -- and their charges, which include: gang assault in the 1st degree, 1st degree assault, and 2nd degree assault. 

I'm too old and too grown and smart for this bullshit. Nothing this guy does effects or gets to me. I understand it all. I also understand people. And quite honestly. I don't think they truly care about the TRUTH. The TRUTH in this matter is 50 did get his ass whipped and harmed by us soft guys. Hahah. Hit Factory Studios. The Truth is this document is real. At the bottom of it you will see THE INFORMANT CURTIS JACKSON. (50 Cent). Gave this Police Report. The Truth is he had an ORDER OF PROTECTION against myself. My brother Chris and my artist/Nigga BLACKCHILD. He left out Rule for whatever reason. Although Rule set it on his bitch ass 1st. The TRUTH is he then hit us with a lawsuit. I forgot what we paid him. Either 150,000 or 250,000 for whipping his ass. These are all UNDISPUTED FACTS. So Curtis. I didn't say you was scared of me and murder Inc. THE ORDER OF PROTECTION DID. THE TRUTH is Get Rich or Die Trying was an incredible album. The TRUTH is that album. And the FBI hurt MURDER INC. When the Feds raided. They cut off Universal and Def Jam from giving me any more money. Really hard to fight a war without funding. I think we still put out Multi Platinum Albums after that. Check the #'s. They don't lie. I have no interest whatsoever in going back and forth with Curtis on this. I'm on vacation with my dad for his 82nd birthday. SURROUNDED BY LOVE. I have my MURDER INC FAMILY THAT SURROUNDS ME WITH LOVE. BULLETPROOF LOVE FOR ALL MY NIGGAS OUT THERE THAT WILL UNDERSTAND THAT!! I am a HAPPY MAN!! Curtis is a tormented soul. How can you violate and disrespect your own son. So I know for sure he has no morals and will say and do. And lie to any and everyone. Without thinking twice. The TRUTH is he knows exactly who MURDER INC is. We are MEN over here lil nigga. And it's a MOB of us. Really the whole INDUSTRY knows the TRUTH. But not everyone is as REAL as us. That's why I confirmed @meekmill post. Cause if I got LOVE for someone. That's it. I got LOVE. I knew what would happen. All good. That's me. I'm DIFFERENT!! Now I'm gonna go back to the LOVE and my FAMILY. I love that. Y'all say whatever. Hahah. IG it's MURDER!!!

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Gotti went on to mention the incident from which those charges stem in his Instagram post. In March 2000, 50 Cent was assaulted by members of Murder Inc. at The Hit Factory recording studio in New York. According to NY Mag, 50 was treated for stab wounds to the chest as well as a collapsed lung at a nearby hospital.

The document Gotti shared lists Curtis Jackson as an "informant," which Gotti takes as indisputable evidence that 50 worked with police to file an order of protection against those who attacked him. 

Elsewhere in his lengthy Instagram post, Gotti asserts that 50 brought a successful lawsuit, for either $150,000 or $250,000 (unable to remember which amount), against the Gottis and Black Child. 

After praising 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin', Gotti explained that the downfall of Murder Inc. began after the FBI raided The Inc.'s headquarters in 2003, which caused Universal and Def Jam to cut ties with the imprint. "I think we still put out Multi Platinum Albums after that. Check the #'s. They don't lie," wrote Gotti. 

He also called 50 a "tormented soul," evidenced by his broken relationship with his son, Marquise Jackson. 

Underneath the legal document, there's an enlarged image of the rat emoji with 50's face (and buckteeth) pasted over its head. 

Yikes. We surely haven't heard the last of this rehashed beef. Maybe Meek Mill can rest easy for a bit, cause, right now, all of 50's ire is likely directed at Gotti.