Whenever 50 Cent makes his way to a radio station for a long-form interview, you know that there will be some fun had. Throw in the crew from The Breakfast Club and you've got a recipe for making some delicious sound bites that fans and casual music consumers alike will gobble down like the rapper's 2003 lead single from Get Rich or Die Tryin'. Fif touched on a variety of topics, but was chiefly there to promote 50 Central, his upcoming project for the BET Network. It turns out his old rival, Irv Gotti, is already at BET, the creator and mastermind behind the popular show Tales. However, just because the series viewers are enjoying it, that doesn't mean 50 Cent thinks it will be around for too much longer.

"They'll be gone, they won't be there gone," he said. "I have full-on intentions to remove [them]. There's some adjustments to be made." When asked to elaborate on what exactly he found to be lacking with Tales, 50 claimed that it was a "cool idea, not well executed." He later confessed that, despite his distaste for the program, he still tunes in to nearly every episode. I guess Fif is more dedicated a hate watcher than previously assumed. Irv later shared a funny response on Instagram, claiming that, even after all that, he should be thanking the rapper/mogul for all of the mentions.


"All bulls**t aside. I WANNA THANK THIS N****," Irv said in the caption to a video clip of the interview he posted on social media. "HE PROMOTE MY S**T BETTER THAN @bet Hahaha. And it's obvious. YOU LOVE TALES. You just can't say it. Obviously. You say great concept. Poor execution. Hahaha. F**k outta here!!" The producer and former Ja Rule backer then went on to give quite the hilarious plug for Tales, which returns in less than two weeks. "Everyone. Right after the Hip Hop Awards on Oct 10th. My enemies favorite show returns. Hahaha. TALES. 10pm [...] Tales is back. And as far as it stopping. The opposite is happening. TALES is expanding. All Music Genres. Pop. Rock. Country. R&B. Gospel. And across the Globe [...] Like you said c**k sucker. It's a dope Concept right??"

Who do you think won this round of the beef - 50 Cent or Irv Gotti? Let us know in the comments.