Irv Gotti wants no parts of reality drama, but it looks as if he was placed right in the middle of it while filming Growing Up Hip Hop. A video clip went viral recently showing Irv and Ja Rule engaged in a shouting match with unidentified men at S.O.B.'s in New York City. Almost immediately rumors began to circulate that the men were irate because they were being denied entry into the club which resulted in a few teasing words from Ja's foe, 50 Cent.

With a desire to lay all of the gossip to rest, a cool, calm, and collected Irv visited Philly's Power 99 radio station on Friday. Irv plainly stated that he's done with GUHH and wants off the show, immediately. "We were shooting Growing Up Hip Hop, the reality show," he said. "It's now a reality show that I want them to remove me off of because I told them the furthest thing that I wanted was beef. You know, 'reality beef' and drama, and they played that card yesterday. They really played themselves. The commotion was because of that, not because we couldn't get in the club. It was some 'reality drama.'"

Irv revealed that before he was filmed, he "begged" producers not to put him or his family in the middle of arguments because that isn't how they present themselves. He claims he told them that he has great kids who don't get involved in beefs or fights, so they would participate if production could respect that request. Irv told the radio station that he notified production that if they tried anything slick, he would step out of character and possibly "get violent."

"They did it yesterday," Irv continued. "It was the season finale. They had us there with me and my kids. Ja's son is performing, he's trying to be a rapper and everything. Ja gets on stage with Charli Baltimore, she gets on stage they perform. I mean, everyone is happy. Then when we get off stage, they stick some girl [in front of us] who I don't even know, and she starts dissing me, Ja, and Charli. That's when all of the commotion started."

In the video clip of the altercation, Irv can be heard yelling at the producers, "Y'all set me up!" He explained that he was frustrated because he begged them not to do something like this. "Me and Ja, we get active. I know people may think whatever, but we're like, real guys."

"I was on super ten because they had the audacity to do that with my children there," he noted. "You put my children in harm's way. I don't want to be on Growing Up Hip Hop no more. I told them to remove me from it. I don't want any parts of the show. I regret doing it because it ain't no real money. And guys, I'm doing great."