It's possible that Irv Gotti has been awake until the wee hours, listening to his old nemesis 50 Cent's "I'm Supposed To Die Tonight." Perhaps, as he dozed, the line "sometimes I sit and look at life from a different angle, don't know if I'm God's child or I'm Satan's angel" was the last thing he heard before falling into slumber. It would certainly explain his latest take, which came to manifest itself during an interview on VLAD TV.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

But first, Irv also doubles down on the "snitch" narrative, claiming that Fif has been in contact with police for a minute now. "He's a very unique individual," reflects Gotti. "Here's a guy who starts beefing and pretends he's the bully. The roughest, toughest n***a on the face of the earth. And then he tells on you. It's like the biggest oxymoron, the biggest mindfuck and trickery to the public. Those that don't know think this guy's ill, that he's tough." Clearly, there's no love lost between both parties, who might be holding the record for the longest-running hip-hop beef of all time. "I know you'll make a meme," taunts Irv. "Go ahead, make a meme or some shit. But...he's fooled the world. He says [Murder Inc] is pussy, that I'm soft, I'm pussy. But he's the one that got shit done to him. How are we pussy?"

Eventually, he turns to the fateful night that Fif was shot nine times, including once in the jaw. "Who saved him?" asks Irv, looking Vlad dead in the eye. "People be like 'God.' The first thing is 'yo, God saved this guy.' Maybe Satan saved him. He's a great agent of chaos. I don't think God would save somebody who moves like that. Somebody who disrespects his own family. Everything you think of 50 is just negative. He's an engine of negativity, beef, chaos. Sounds like he's with Satan to me, man."