On his new EP, 4/4, Meek Mill earned himself a new enemy as he dissed 50 Cent on the track "Gave 'Em Hope." Predictably, 50 was quick to respond and unleashed a series of ruthless memes against the MMG rapper on Instagram. Meek soon posted a long-winded Instagram response of his own, in which he tagged Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti, and asked, "Can you clarify that he told on y'all? We need answers!" 

Gotti (a known rival of 50's) has now provided some answers, and he left a lengthy comment, captured by The Shade Room, on Meek's post, claiming that 50 took out an "order of protection" against him, his brother Chris Gotti, and Murder Inc. rapper Black Child. 

He went on to warn Meek that the damning accusations against 50 won't matter when it comes to Internet beef. He believes the the current feud Meek finds himself in is playing right into the G-Unit boss' hands: "NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE REAL. ESPECIALLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA. THE BATTLE YOU FIGHTING IS MADE FOR HIM. HE IS BETTER AT LIES AND BULLSHIT THAN YOU WILL EVER BE." Read his full comment below.