It would seem that the IRS has issued a tax lien for the legendary Queen Bee. According to Bossip, Lil' Kim owes the federal government approximately $60,000 for the income she made in 2005. This comes only a few months after a judge agreed to a plan to get the 9 rapper out of bankruptcy after the female MC admitted she owed millions of dollars to different creditors. The deal with the judge allowed Kim to save her $3 million dollar mansion from being foreclosed on and also from a sheriff's auction.

Lil Kim
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

According to the lien which was obtained by Bossip, Lil' Kim owes exactly $58,227.40 to the IRS. This is apparently Kim's fourth tax lien from over the years, having been served one in 2015 alleging she owed $125,805 (for her income from 2010-2013) and having been served another in January 2018 this time alleging the entertainer owed $211,529 (for her income in 2016). Then in April 2018, she was also issued one for $188,016 (in regards to her income from 2006).

It is not clear at this time whether or not Kim had paid any of the past debts to the IRS. Unfortunately, even when it comes to Uncle Sam, "It's All About The Benjamins," baby. Lil' Kim has been more active recently than in past years much to her fans' excitement. Hopefully, this situation gets resolved soon.