A huge Iron Man fan who passed away of cancer will be buried with his favorite superhero watching over him. 

The decision came after the parents of Ollie Gardiner, the young boy who passed away, put in a request to Marvel asking if they could put his favorite character on the tombstone. According to Comic BookGardiner was a huge Star Wars and Marvel fan and his parents wanted to pay tribute to him by including one of his favorite characters at his final resting place.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Ollie's parents, Pete and Jane Gardiner shared a message on Facebook talking about how they were able to make the touching tribute a reality, saying:

"We have just been through the process of ordering Ollie’s headstone and after his hero 'Ironman' had proved such an inspiration during Ollie’s treatment, we wanted him represented on the grave. After a little persuasion, the church said we could have him on a few conditions, one of which being that the Marvel Corporation gave their permission. I thought that would be impossible to obtain, but contacted them anyway. Two weeks later I received an email and not only did they give permission, but also offered their help in mediating with the Church of England. Such a lovely gesture. Ollie will be smiling down knowing his Young Marvel Fan Who Passed Away From Cancer Will Have Iron Man Watching Over Him

You can see the full Facebook post below.