Marvel's Cinematic Universe is expansive. Although it began with Iron Man, and most recently continued via Avengers: Infinity War, Netflix holds the key to the television counterpart of the superhero team. On the galactic scale we have The Avengers, but on the street level, we have The Defenders. Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist combine to create the super team that protects New York from threats big enough to destroy the city, but small enough not to gain the attention of Captain America and company. The last time the team was all together, Daredevil  "died," and Iron Fist vowed to protect the city in his absence. 

The first season of Iron Fist received a mountain of criticism for the lack of fight choreography and lackluster acting. Marvel plans to fix that with the upcoming second season. The first glace we got of the new and improved Iron Fist came via a team-up episode with Luke Cage on the latter's second season. The King Fu hero was much more enjoyable to watch alongside Cage, and we can only hope they team up again once more. Raven Metzner was hired as the new showrunner for Iron Fist, and he took to Twitter for a Q & A today (Aug. 11) to answer fans' questions. 

Several Marvel fans have been vocal about their desire to see Moon Knight join The Defenders. He would fit nicely with the street level heroes, and can even be implemented in The Punisher, a less friendly ally of the heroes. One fan asked if Metzner had read Jeff Lemire's run on the comic series, and the showrunner revealed that he's a fan. "Loved it. Moon Knight came up many times in the writer's room as we discussed Typhoid Mary," Metzner responded. Typhoid Mary, a telekinetic who can also manipulate and control fire, will be the main villain in season 2.