Since their reveal at Apple's launch event, the iPhone XS and XS Max have been a topic of discussion for technology and popular culture fanatics alike. The first few users of the phone have taken to various forums and discussion boards to voice their concerns about the poor cellular and WiFi reception they experienced while using the devices.  

Owners of the new devices have taken to RedditApple and MacRumors forums with their claims. Apparently, the issue persists despite the fact that the devices are advertised as having superior data and WiFi speeds than their predecessors. One user commented, "I have T-Mobile and I’ve noticed the signal is about the same as I had on my iPhone X. HOWEVER, I have way slower WiFi speeds and it’s constantly sticking to 2.4ghz rather than 5ghz and the speeds are a fraction of what I had previously." Another shared, "XS Max T-Mobile. Seeing an inconsistent 35-50% speed decrease compared to my Pixel 2 and even my SE. Service in my home is usually 50-60 down but seeing above 30 isn't happening with this one. Kinda disappointed."

Naturally, rumblings about a hardware malfunction similar to that experienced by iPhone 4 users have already begun. Following its release, users of the iPhone 4 alleged that the device's cellular signals seemed to decrease significantly when a finger was placed on the phone's outer edges. Despite this, it is expected that Apple will address the issue facing iPhone XS and XS Max users n the near future. 

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