Racism still exists in 2019, whether or not we actually want to believe it. There is proof on a daily basis that it's still alive and well despite many claims that it hasn't existed in years. Case in point, this following story. An eighth grader is currently being investigated for their racist musical persona, Lil Plantation, after the page was discovered by school officials and taken down.

According to Complex, a middle school rapper garnered much controversy in Maryland after their SoundCloud page was found. The account no longer exists but there were plenty of n-bombs in the songs with hard "r's" and pro-slavery rhymes. The publication notes that songs were titled "Whips Don't Hurt Them," "All Slaves Are The Same," and "Whip Hands Free." A few of the tracks were modelled after existing Juice WRLD songs with lyrics following the flow to "Hurt Me" as the racist student rapped, "Whip my plants and the slaves keep screaming 'please don't whip me, please don't whip me.'"

Lil Plantation's bio read, "Don't get offended these songs our [sic] just for entertainment purposes online." The student who recorded the songs reportedly asked his peers to play the music at school on their phones, which got the attention of several teachers. The Wicomico County Public School board is currently investigating the issue.

Things like this keep on happening and it's a very deep-rooted issue. Hopefully, the school board can get to the bottom of this.