Speculation started to build when Papoose dropped his Rick Ross-featured remix of "Back on My Bullshit" that the New York rapper was signed to the Florida head honcho's imprint, Maybach Music Group. It's continued to build up over the weekend, with an Instagram post from Papoose helping incite the rumor along the way-- however there's been no confirmation either way on this report.

While his partner, Remy Ma, has experienced a spurt in relevancy again thanks to her still-relatively recent release from prison and her ensuing beef with Nicki Minaj, it's safe to say Papoose has remained in the same spot. Although he had his stint on Love & Hip-Hop, his music releases in 2017 have been far and few between.

On his Instagram post, Papoose writes out some of the lyrics from the new remix, which begins, "This summer I'm only riding in CONVERTIBLES SON I'm signed to MMG money MURDER AND GUNS I knew Ross was official I knew him a LONG TIME cause he took off his shades just so he can look in my EYE [...]" Thus you can see where the speculation stemmed from, clearly.

What do you make of the situation? View Papoose's Instagram post below, and check out some of the believers. The comments on Pap's Instagram post are also under the impression Papoose actually signed with Maybach-- some expressing their disappointment and some expressing congratulations (find a sampling below).

Is this a case of mistaken lyric identity?

We've reached out to Papoose to get a statement on this story, we'll keep you posted.