“Internet rapper” has generally forever been considered a negative term. In the eyes of many core hip-hop heads, being real life-hot is always more favorable than being internet-hot. Often, however, it’s the opposite that’s true. “Bad publicity” may not even exist anymore. In today’s day and age, if rappers aren’t routinely mentioned on the internet, they’re most likely irrelevant. All artists, upcoming or experienced, crave to have that next viral music video.

Having an online following is essential in today’s market, as social media has become the easiest and most effective way to connect with fans. Soulja Boy took the MySpace route to land himself a record deal, and it just so happened that Vine sensation Lil Terrio was signed off his cyber success. Of course, there are risks involved with being an internet rap star. Too much exposure at once can hurt the longevity of an artist, and could leave them stuck in midst of a major-label contract doing nothing. Fame is a double-edged sword.

Scroll through the list to unveil ten viral hip-hop sensations. You’ll notice that some by now are forgotten, and some are still buzzing with success.