The International Olympic Committee has announced that 3-on-3 basketball has been added to the list of Olympic events for the 2020 Tokyo games.

According to the Washington Post, the IOC has made an effort to include more "urban youth sports."

"IOC President Thomas Bach says the 2020 Games will become “more youthful, more urban and will include more women.”"

Chief executive officer of USA Basketball, Jim Tooley, says 3-on-3 hoops also provides a way to open up Olympic basketball to parts of the world that have a difficult time fielding a 12-person team to compete in the standard 5-on-5 games.

Per Bleacher Report,

"The hope behind making 3-on-3 an Olympic sport is to really open up Olympic basketball to parts of the world that struggle to field 12-person teams in 5-on-5 competition," says Jim Tooley, the chief executive officer of USA Basketball.

"3-on-3 is now played in countries like the Philippines, Estonia, Hungary and the Central African Republic. It's much more accessible. And it's a totally different style of game. It's an incredibly fast-paced sprint." 

According to Bleacher Report, rules as set by FIBA, which the Olympics will use, include:

  • The half-court game features a 12-second shot clock.

  • The game ends after a single 10-minute period or when one team reaches 21 points.

  • Every made shot inside the three-point arc is worth one point; shots beyond the arc are worth two.

  • After a change of possession on a missed shot or a turnover, the ball must be taken back beyond the three-point arc. The same rule applies after a made basket.

  • A team consists of four players—three starters and a substitute. There are no coaches.

Additionally, BMX Freestyle cycling has also been added to the Olympic program for the first time among a “net increase of 15 events.”

Last August, the IOC agreed to include sports climbing, skateboarding, surfing, baseball and softball, and karate to the 2020 Tokyo games.