When Instagram decided to roll out a new update today, people were quick to get in their feelings about the changes. Usually, change can be pretty difficult to adapt to but when you're altering something that people have gotten so used to at this point - like the way we scroll through our Instagram feeds - backlash can get pretty intense. Instagram is claiming that their update was accidental this morning. It only lasted a few minutes but those that were affected decided to speak out on social media.

Let's get you caught up to speed. Instagram's new update changed the way we experienced all of the content we've grown used to. Instead of scrolling vertically, users of the app were asked to swipe horizontally. As you can imagine, people were not impressed. Trey Songz and DC Young Fly were among the most vocal celebrities as both criticized Instagram for rolling out the update, asking them to revert back to the old feed. Since everybody freaked out, the app is back to what it was. We can now scroll vertically again and the head of Instagram rolled through with an explanation. He wrote, "That was supposed to be a very small test that went broad by accident. Should be fixed now. If you're still seeing it simply restart the app. Happy holidays!"

Hopefully, this is rolled out in a smoother manner when/if they decide to go live with the changes. Better yet, hopefully the changes don't happen and we get our chronological feeds back.