Do you dream of streaming thots in real time? Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has confirmed in an interview with The Financial Times that that time may be coming sooner than you think. Here's an exciting quote from the interview:

“Live is really exciting for us. I think it can enhance what we’re doing ... If I’m trying to strengthen relationships with someone I love, then streaming video to me live would be an amazing way to be closer to them.”

No details were revealed of how or when this is happening, but that's because consumers deep down enjoy a little tease from their fave CEO's.

In other Instagram news, the influential app has just introduced two new features: the Boomerang and mentions. Check out their official Instagram post below to learn more.

Today, we’re introducing a few new tools to help you make your story even more fun: Boomerang and mentions. We’re also starting to test links inside some stories. Boomerang lets you turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected. Now you can easily take a Boomerang right inside Instagram. Swipe right from your feed to open the stories camera. A new format picker under the record button lets you select “Boomerang” mode. You can also now share who you’re with or who you’re thinking of by mentioning them in your story. When you add text to your story, type “@” followed by a username and select the person you’d like to mention. Their username will appear underlined in your story. And when someone taps the mention, they'll see a pop-up that takes them to that profile. You may begin to spot “See More” links at the bottom of some stories. This is a test that lets verified accounts add links so it’s easy to learn more. From your favorite chefs’ recipes to articles from top journalists or concert dates from the musicians you love, tap “See More” or swipe up to view the link right inside the app. To learn more about today’s updates, check out These updates for Instagram Stories are available as part of Instagram version 9.7 available for iOS in the Apple App Store, for Android in Google Play and for Windows 10 in the Windows Store.

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