Instagram has updated its app with some features that are reminiscent of other well known forms of social media. Firstly, the addition of the stories feature certainly recalls a similar function on Snapchat, alongside the introduction of stickers and facial filters. Now, the popular image/video sharing app will soon allow users to quote tweet their stories a la Twitter. 

This forthcoming update is being tested with a small group of users thus far. One of those individuals has come forth with screenshots of how this would function on the app, giving the general public an exclusive sneak peak.

The feature will function like this: firstly, a user can choose a public post and press a button that will embed it in their story. According to TechCrunchthey will then be able to "tap to change the design to highlight or downplay the post’s author, move and resize it within your Story post, and add commentary or imagery using Instagram’s creative tools." When an individual spots this specific type of story, they will be given a chance to tap the post's embed, which will effectively allow bring them the original post. 

Only public images/videos can be reshared, and the feature will can also be turned off in the app's settings panel.