Does anybody remember Lil Tay, the nine-year-old Canadian girl that rose to social media infamy through her foul-mouthed videos flexing in luxurious cars? Well, after a three-year hiatus (during which she was very likely completing elementary school), she appears to be nearing her return to Instagram... if that's something you care about.

The pre-teen seemingly had her eyes set on becoming a rapper, crowning herself as "the youngest flexer of the century" in her videos. However, when it was revealed that, along with her mother and brother, she was using other people's homes and cars for her content, she dropped off the face of the earth. Some people have been wondering what happened to the Vancouver-based girl who regularly popped up on our social media feeds and it looks like an explanation will soon be issued. However, it doesn't appear to be positive.

For the first time in months, Lil Tay's Instagram page was updated on Wednesday with a new story, teasing a big announcement about her future on the platform. "We have bad news about Tay," wrote the post, which was shared several hours ago. It reads as though it was written by a member of her family. While many are expressing that they forgot Lil Tay even existed in the comments, others are already assuming the worst. Of course, a large number of folks are also calling out Tay's family for chasing clout, jerking around her fans with a vague announcement of this sort without actually revealing the "bad news."

What do you think happened to Lil Tay?