Instagram was once our beloved photo-sharing, social media app. Now it serves many functions and adds new capabilities every so often. When it introduced stories and time-sensitive messages, the company proved that they're trying to be your new home for online sharing. Someone did some digging around and may have uncovered the app's next features: voice and video calling.

While going through Instagram's APK, a TechCrunch reader Ishan Argarwal found multiple phone and video camera icons. The tech blog has suspected this since January when a video call button was found. APK's usually have upcoming features hidden inside, waiting to be presented to the masses. When asked about this new revelation, an Instagram spokesperson said, "I'm afraid we can't comment on this one." Previously, when asked about an upcoming Giphy sharing feature, there was no comment from the company until the function rolled out later that week.

Instagram is looking to be a home for all the functionality you need. Snapchat launched its video calling feature in 2014 and revamped it by 2016. Judging from Instagram soaring popularity in stories, there's a possibility they could implement it better. As of now, it is unknown when these new features will be released to the public.

[via TechChrunch]