Instagram keeps updating their beloved stories feature, effectively supporting both a shopping and music function. The company is reportedly looking to further diversify the functional capacity of the popular video/image sharing app by possibly allowing users to respond to each other's stories. 

An individual will be able to pose a question, conundrum or any particular musing on their post, which will then allow a follower to type a response. However, as it stands, there is no concrete information revealing when the function will be available, as its trial period does not appear to be region-specific; users in places as disparate as Indonesia and Italy have begun to report this new addition. 

Instagram is hoping to augment the interactive capacity of their stories feature with likeminded updates aimed at elevating a user's experience with the app. 

However, the exact urgency of this update seems trivial, as a similar function has been available for a couple of months now, whether through polls or the ability to DM an individual in response to a story. 

In other Instagram news, the company is now worth $100 billion, and are expected to surge another $10 billion in value by 2019, as they continue to accumulate new users by the boatload.