Katie Sumers, a 28-year-old mother of two, appeared in court on Wednesday as the defendant in a case concerning a fatal collision. The woman, who is known on social media as @loseitconkatie, is said to have struck and killed a 31-year-old dad with her car on Tuesday. The deceased man was riding a moped at the time. Summers is believed to have been drunk and stoned during the deadly accident.

The judge found probable cause to hold her on suspicion of vehicular homicide. Her bail was set at $500 000.

She will be tried for the death of Leonel Birrueta, a Kennewick native who was struck at an intersection. Court documents state that Summers had actually stopped for a moment at the scene and got out of her Toyota Tundra pickup truck. Witnesses claim the defendant did not identify herself, attempt to be helpful or even call 911. Instead, she is said to have gotten back into her vehicle and driven off.

The defendant was found by the police shortly after, less than a block from the incident in the parking lot of a nearby Albertsons grocery store. Officers said she admitted she had been driving the truck. The smell of alcohol and marijuana was evident on her person during the interaction. Summers also admitted she had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before the crash.

A GoFundMe page has been launched to help cover the funeral costs for Birrueta.