There was some drama-drama on a recent episode of the Fresh & Fit podcast, with special guest DJ Akademiks and a dozen Instagram models. One of the women on the panel was a single mother named Whitney LeDawn, who claimed during the podcast to be a "child of God." Her mention of religion threw DJ Akademiks off, who proceeded to ask her if she had her child out of wedlock, which she confirmed.

"I just wanna know if God would approve," explained Ak. 

"You wanna talk about my sins? Let's talk about yours... Obesity," responded LeDawn after being asked to leave from the hosts. She also called out the media personality about his love for brown liquor.

She stayed on the show for another ten minutes, yelling at the hosts, who tried to argue that she was being rude for continually interjecting when she was simply invited to be a guest. About five minutes through the dramatic unfolding, Ak said that if he was offended by anything LeDawn told him, he would get one of his homegirls to "beat the breaks off [her] head."

That kicked off even more ridiculousness, with Ak walking offscreen and continuing to absolutely berate the woman. He then insinuated that LeDawn reached for a gun inside of her purse.

"I don't know what shorty was reaching for in her bag," he said when he returned to the table.

Watch the full video below. Trust me, it gets pretty crazy.