I think it's fair to say Instagram is the most loved social media app, especially in comparison to Snapchat. But it's important to note that some of Instagram's most notable features, the 24-hour story, was first created by Snapchat. In another move to copy the app, Insta has yet again taken a prominent feature and capitalized on it in their latest update. 

Today, Instagram will automatically archive your expired stories to the updated 'archive feature' in the apps latest update. This mimics the same function, Memories, that Snapchat introduced over a year ago. Insta users can now post a story and not worry about having to download it if they want to view it after the 24-hour mark.

The update does, however, boast an option that Snapchat hasn't really banked on. Insta now has Highlights, which will offer users a chance to package old stories, give them a name where they will appear on your public profile above your other posts. 

"In a lot of ways, people get to know you through Instagram and your profile,” Robby Stein, product lead at Instagram tells The Verge. “It’s such an important space, but it’s also one that hasn’t changed very much.”


The platform said a lot of users were downloading their stories but a usual complaint was that it was gone before they had the chance to save it to their phone.

Which do you guys prefer: Instagram or Snapchat?