While Summer Walker may be 2019s certified R&B "it" girl, there's nothing ordinary about her come-up. A former housekeeper by day and stripper by night, Walker turned her penchant for raw, sex-positive lyricism wrapped in smooth vocals into a deal with Interscope/LoveRenaissance and a debut studio album that reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200

“It’s very rare that the culture and the mainstream agree with each other, especially in the beginning,” said Sean Famoso McNichol, co-founder of Atlanta's LoveRenaissance. “Usually, things are grassroots and bubbling for a year and it finally catches. This is the first time in a long time that we’ve seen the culture and mainstream walk hand in hand," he continues, speaking to Walker's inevitability as a mainstream success based on her emergence as a fresh, unafraid voice in the industry. 

Bucking convention by refusing to apologize for the real, raw content matter she explores in her songs along with the social anxiety that affects everything from her studio time to her tour schedule, Summer Walker isn't afraid of authenticity. 

She's bad, she knows it, and she's willing to show the world. 

For the hottest pics of the "Playing Games" singer, check out the Instagram Gallery below. 

View From The Back 

No photoshop needed. 

Waist Snatched 

This outfit is London on da Track-approved. 


Mirror Pic 

Sumer Walker takes your average bathroom-mirror-selfie and turns it up a notch with her bedtime fit. 


Even after making it to the top, Walker stays true to her ATL roots. 

Side Boob

Pictured here, Walker is completely unbothered by being two centimeters away from a nip slip. 


Keep your negativity in check, because Summer Walker remains unbothered. 

Get Down 

You can take the girl out of ATL, but you can't take the ATL out of the girl. 


Long hair? Check. Corset? Waist snatched. 


Even a bad bitch can bust out with a smile now and again. 


Roll Up 

I'd think twice about pulling up on Summer Walker.