Since Snoop Dogg dropped his now-legendary debut Doggystyle back in '93 courtesy of Death Row Records, the multi-hyphenate industry veteran has kept busy making waves with his trademark laid-back delivery. Selling over 37 million albums worldwide throughout his decades-long tenure on the scene, there's no doubt that the West Coast-bred rapper has more than earned his spot as a member of hip-hop royalty. Rubbing shoulders with everyone from Tupac to Martha Stewart, Uncle Snoop has also amassed an impressive range of professional acquaintances that set him apart from many of his peers who are either unwilling or unable to step out of their lane to reinvent themselves. 

Not afraid to reinvent himself on wax, social media or in the press, Snoop is open regarding the pivot from his street days he's taken later in life. "I ain’t 19 no more," says Snoop, refusing to cling to the persona that made him famous. "I don’t gangbang. You’re dealing with a grandfather, the uncle to the hip-hop game. He’s made a full 360 from where he was to who he is – and that’s what we love about him. He’s a great example of what you can be." 

Boasting a markedly different set of friends and partners during each stage of his life, Uncle Snoop's throwback pics are more varied an interesting than most. For a breakdown of the best #TBTs shared on social media by the rapper himself, peep the Instagram gallery below. 

Studio Time 

"Shot out to my guys. @marvinwatkins3 @djpooh Classic. Shit my hair was laid on the stength," captions Snoop alongside a pic of a throwback studio session. 



West Side 

"West side story," writes Snoop of this #TBT of himself, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube




As seen here in this Comedy Central clip, Snoop was roasting President Trump before it was even popular to do so.




It's no secret that Snoop was all blue-- even in '92. 


420 Friendly 

Who knew back then that these two rappers would grow up to become the hottest pro-weed rappers in the game? 



Thanks to Snoop, this gem from the early aughts lives on.


East And West 

Putting old coast beefs aside, Snoop refers to himself and Jay-Z as "kings" in this throwback. 



Snoop weighed on Tekashi69's courtroom drama with this edited snap of his longtime pal Martha Stewart.


Kurt Cobain 

Even after the Internet busted this pic as a fake, Snoop still let the throwback that never was live on in his Insta feed. 



Snoop and Tupac will forever be "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted."