As one of the greatest and most accomplished athletes of our time, Serena Williams is rightfully unapologetic when cataloging her many triumphs. With a whopping 23 Grand Slam singles titles, a myriad of doubles trophies, and four Olympic gold medals under her belt in addition to cultivating her own fashion brand, Williams is no stranger to success. From getting married to giving birth to her daughter and bouncing back on the court in a way that her haters promised she never would, Williams owns her fierceness like a badge of honor. 

"Being strong is never easy," says Williams, fully aware of the decision she makes every morning to persevere amidst a sea of adversity. "Not in this world we are living in.... Standing up for yourself is not going to be easy, but it’s always eventually respected. Those are the people who’ve made a difference in this world, people that stand up for what’s right. If you look at history, those are the people that you really remember. And at the time, oh, my God, it seemed impossible.”

Eager to inspire the next generation of young women and athletes with her impressive worldview, Williams' Instagram account is a living testament to her greatness. Living her life boldly and without reservation, Williams is just as powerful on social media as she is IRL. 

Check out the Instagram gallery below to see all of the tennis phenom's fiercest uploads. 


From on the tennis court to the cover of a celebrated fashion magazine, Williams knows how to serve some serious looks. 


All White Everything 

You can almost feel the heat from Williams' smoldering gaze in this shot. 

 Best Self 

"Be your best self. Be the ONE," captioned Williams alongside this shot of her flexing her rock-hard abs. 

Mirror Pic 

Just in case you forgot that Williams is a bad bitch, she's here to remind you - in a leather jacket fit. 

Stare Down 

When discussing queens, there's one tennis superstar that fits the bill. 

Pregnant And Strong 

In her iconic cover for Vanity Fair, Serena reminded the world that motherhood is yet another expression of her strength. 

Beach Look 

Serving up some on-the-beach, bikini realness. 

Be The Brand 

As one of the richest self-made women in the world, Williams is clearly confident in the fierceness of her own personal brand. 


From the court to the red carpet, Williams' confidence is unshakeable. 


Strong is sexy.