Rihanna is the queen of everything. The musician, actor, designer and Fenty Beauty CEO crushed it in 2017 and brought in a jaw-dropping $72 million in first-month sales of her beauty line, boosting her total estimated net worth to $230 million. And while it is clear that Bad Gal Riri is all about the bag, she continues to press forward in her career and forge a groundbreaking path for herself along the way.

Recently, she was announced as the host of the 2018 Met Gala ball, in addition to the noise from her feature on the  N.E.R.D track and video, "Lemon." For the most part, Rihanna's entire year has been littered with back to back power moves and awards. Most notably her being the number one artist to top the Billboard Pop Song Charts in the 25-year history. Not to mention the numerous successful releases of her Fenty X Puma collaborations and the staggering amount of number one chart appearances including her chorus on DJ Khaled's Bryson Tiller assisted single "Wild Thoughts." With all her major music success, she still continues to kill it in the fashion world, covering every major fashion outlet this year including Vogue, Elle, Harper's Baazar, Paper and more.

And though there are a million things that Rihanna does that drives us wild, what probably gets us going the most is her ability to exude ultra cool vibes by simply existing. This is the type of woman that could turn a regular Walmart isle into a catwalk. They type of woman that can melt faces with the single glance of her shimmering Island glazed eyes. The type of woman that can post a selfie and subsequently thirst trap nearly a third of Instagram users worldwide. So in honour of Rihanna's spectacularly icy aura, we grabbed a slew of some of her most effortlessly cool moments, whether she is slaying the paparazzi or dealing stunning looks propelled by her smoky, wild beauty, Riri has the 'it' factor if we have ever seen it.

Rihanna Vs. Paparazzi (Rihanna Wins, every time!)

We are all so used to seeing celebrities caught off guard by paparazzi, wearing dumpy clothes, experiencing wardrobe malfunctions or sporting a much more liberal body type than their previous hard body movie appearance would suggest. We can dig back far into the vault and see that there are very few times Rihanna has been subject to look anything but stunning in front of the lens. This section is motivated by Rihanna's immaculate track record of popping paparazzi appearances. She can literally dress up like a heart and photograph like a heartthrob.

Or she can pop out, Dad hat down and still kill it dressed head to toe in Burberry.

And how she can look this good in pink, we aren't quite sure but we aren't complaining either because this is goddess level flex.

Though we have seen a lot of denim in our day, we havent seen it done like this since Queen B. Rihanna did that, mid hair flip and all, on Fenty.

Candid Camera Rihanna 

Though a beauty queen like Rihanna is constantly being photographed and has her likeness plastered almost everywhere in the world, there are times when even she is caught off guard with the occasional candid shot. And no matter if she is in the studio recording a hit or at the crib in chill mode, she looks like she is doing it with ease. This section is all about the magic that happens when Rihanna falls victim to unsuspected 'Lights, Camera, Action' candid moments. Speaking of studio sessions, peep this smooth picture of Rihanna in the studio working on Anti.

She's even fleek AF when she's all dressed up at home with nowhere to go. You guys think she really casually posts up in hallways like this?

This side-eye pic is so cool it's lethal.

This one makes us feel some type of way. We aren't sure what it is about Rihanna and this 90's grunge-inspired look that is so good but we aren't complaining. Blue hair and all, she did that, again!


But what's probably her most stunning surprise look is her blank stare off into space. She sort of champions Aaliyah in these last two pics.

Rihanna Being Rihanna

The ultimate cool factor for Rihanna has got to be the stone cold stare she has mastered over the years. The death glare/sexy eyes/profile of a Princess hybrid this woman shells out on a daily basis are jaw-dropping and this last section is dedicated to her world-famous face. These grabs are the epitome of why Rihanna is a megastar. 

Those Greek Myths of a woman with a hair full of snakes dubbed 'Medusa' is actually just folklore about Rihanna's enchanting eyes.

And there is literally no way of topping this kissy face.

Once again, crazy, sexy and cool all embodied in one piercing glare. Is it too early to dub Rihanna the GOAT of glares?

This one is just absolutely timeless. You really can't tell if this is a snapshot from today or a retouched photo from a hundred-year-old portrait photo of royalty.

Truth be told, though, Rihanna has been killing us softly for years. The glitz and glamour is nothing new to this Fenty beauty queen, and for those who need a reminder, this, just this.