What Westside Gunn envisions, he brings to fruition. Boasting his own unique blend of slick, minimalist beats injected with raw lyricism and "fly street shit," the King of Buffalo has managed to change hip-hop's landscape through talent and sheer force of will alone. Creating a music empire without the support of television and radio airplay, Gunn filled the need for bars reminiscent of Raekwon, Kool G Rap and early Nas sorely lacking in the mainstream, following the drop of his 2013 mixtape Hitler Wears Hermes. Collaborating with hip-hop heavyweights like Busta Rhymes, Anderson Paak, Jadakiss, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, The Alchemist and MF Doom while earning the endorsements of respected veterans like Action Bronson and Danny Brown, Gunn is nothing if not consistent in proving to his peers he's more than worthy of his Shady Records co-sign. 

"It was my duty to change the whole landscape of this shit,” says Westside, speaking to the forethought involved in turning Griselda Records into a force to be reckoned with. “That’s what people don’t understand. It’s deeper than people think. Flygod  is like the second coming of Hip Hop. I’m making sacrifices and bringing it back to where it needs to be … I’m putting everything on my back so that it can be smoother for people coming after me." 

"Every legend you can think of has co-signed,” says Gunn of his industry supporters. "I’ve done it all. I’ve got nothing else to prove. Nothing."

To see just how deep Gunn's connections run, check out the Instagram Gallery below of the "GODS Don't Bleed" rapper rubbing shoulders with hip-hop's finest. 

Walk Of Fame 

"Came to support @50cent on his big day getting that Hollywood star... real motivation for the Street kids who turned Bosses!!!" writes Gunna of him showing out for 50's big day. 


Clearly, Westside Gunn's connections extend to the fashion industry as well. 


"ASAP GUNN x GXFR ROCKY 🗽He about to have me on my Supermodel Shit, on the runway wit the 🔨 on me," writes Gunn after linking up with A$AP Rocky. 

Tyler The Creator 

Westside Gunn has nothing but respect for Tyler the Creator. 

Gunn X Hov 

Westside Gunn's connections now extend to the King of NY himself after Griselda Records linked up with Roc Nation management in 2019.


Drake respects the Griselda movement. 


"I’m forever grateful!! Sat front row with Migos, Pop Smoke, Tyga, J Balvin while my song played is a dope feeling especially bc he surprised me I didn’t even know he was gonna play my shit," writes Gunn of his co-sign during Paris Fashion Week. 

Don Gang 

Gunn's fashion connections extend to Kanye West's right hand man, Chicago Don. 

Roc Nation Brunch 

At the infamous Roc Nation brunch, Westside Gunn has a seat at the table alongside the industry's best and brightest. 


"Last Week was Drake, this week it’s Lebron, next week MJ gonna moonwalk out his grave to this GRISELDA shit... GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!" writes Gunn of Lebron vibing to Benny the Butcher, his Griselda label mate.