No truer words have ever been spoken like the ones from Sean Garrett's hook on Nicki Minaj's single "Blow Ya Mind."

"She said her name was Nicki/ She came to play and her body was sick, yeah/ She kill when she walks, so sexy when she talks/ Oh, you know she gonna blow your mind."

With curves and confidence, Nicki Minaj dominates as a femme fatale in the music industry and on social media. All Barbz and Kenz are fully aware of her bewitching nature, which is why fan imitations of the rappers' poses and posts are so commonly found in your social feeds. Cool, calm, and collected is something no real fan could ever be with her because the thought of missing the exact moment Onika posts a pic is enough to disturb your slumber. No other Instagram could set your soul ablaze. Over the years, her illustrious career has seen more than just rose-coloured latex. In fact, her albums and singles have reached RIAA levels of gold and platinum. Not to mention, Minaj currently holds the record for most Billboard Hot 100 appearances for female artists.

Like her female emcee predecessors, the "No Frauds" rapper has dedicated her career to embracing her own femininity and sexuality while encouraging listeners to do so as well. However, Minaj hasn't done so in a cookie-cutter way but has imprinted her own mark in the blueprint, or should I say pink print, of what womanhood means in hip hop today. The more she has grown into the industry, the more her qualities of being unafraid and unsilenced have translated into visuals, red carpet appearances, and most definitely online presence. Barbie’s got bawdy! Minaj’s playful ‘Grams liven up our feeds, and her seductive breaks between photo shoots and concert sets are quite the snack. Join us in a recount of the rapper’s sexiest Instagram posts.