Rocking an ever-changing hybrid of emo hip-hop statement pieces and punk-rock studded leather, Lil Uzi Vert knows how to stand out from the crowd. Unapologetically steadfast in his commitment to wearing whatever he wants, when he wants, Uzi has joined the likes of industry mates Young Thug and Jaden Smith in blurring the intersection of gender and fashion. 

As for Uzi, if you hate on his style it must be for one reason and one reason only-- you've never felt fabrics like the ones he wears before. 

Confident in his deliberate style choices, Lil Uzi Vert's vision has grown exponentially alongside his padded bank account. “I always had a vision for my style,” says the "XO Tour Llif3”  rapper. “But before, I didn’t really get it. Even when I got money, my style wasn’t all the way there yet. But with traveling the world and seeing different stuff, I get it now.”

"That’s all he cares about, is clothes," echoes Rakamon Johnson, the rapper's designated Instagram photographer. "It’s music over everything," he continues. "It’s crazy ’cause his clothes kind of support the music—he gets inspiration from his clothes."

To see Lil Uzi Vert's hottest Instagram uploads dedicated to flashing his pricy fits, check out the gallery below. 

Hats On 

Strawberry pants? Uzi's got them, of course. 

Gucci Gang 

Guess Lil Uzi missed Tip's Gucci ban memo.

It's In The Details 

Furry shoes aren't just for kids anymore. 

Are You Ready, Kids? 

Somehow, Lil Uzi Vert turns repping SpongeBob and Patrick into a powerful fashion statement. 

On Stage 

Lil Uzi keeps his off-the-beaten-path fashion choices consistent, even when turning up onstage. 


Uzi clearly has no problem sporting a purse, so long as it matches his fit. 


Uzi's living in the intersection of fashion and technology. Not convinced? Peep the bag. 


Lil Uzi's an LBGTQ+ ally, both on and off the runway . 


Uzi knows how to flex that "first day of school" smile, complimented by his preppy fit. 

Functional Fashion

If the handbag doesn't have accents, Uzi doesn't want it. 

Glow In The Dark

When Uzi described his fashion style as "dressed in the dark," he wasn't kidding.