Tipping the charts at just 5'4" tall, comedian Kevin Hart's diminutive stature is undeniably offset by his impressive bankroll. Earning the title as the highest-paid comedian of 2016, Hart currently boasts a current net worth of a staggering $120 million. By pairing his decades-long success as a stand-up comic with his appeal as a top-billed actor in blockbusters like the Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle remake and Get Hard, the Philly-bred funnyman has secured his spot in Hollywood as an entertainer with indisputable staying power. 

Thankfully, Hart has managed to stay grounded despite being surrounded by the common pitfalls of excess fame and fortune. Using his elevated status as a force for good, the 39-year-old has cultivated a multi-platform social media fan base of nearly 100 million followers that turn to his feed for its unending source of inspiration and motivation. Constantly stressing the importance of caring for both your physical and mental health, Hart's blinding positivity is an island in a sea of Instagram influencers and celebrities obsessed with the tangible trappings of wealth. 

During an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Hart explained the motivation behind wanting to share his blessings with his fanbase, a sentiment also outlined in his memoir I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons. "At the end of the day, I want people to be better," said the Ride Along star. "That's why I'm sharing this information. I don't wanna be successful by myself. There's enough success in the world for everybody. I think that if everybody adapts that mindset, then our world will ultimately become a better place. It takes people to speak up about being positive, about bringing people closer together...and that's what I do." 

In addition to his focus on facing the world armed with a positive outlook, Hart also urges his followers to push themselves to reach their fitness goals. "Regardless of where you are, who you are, regardless of your shape, colour and size, anybody can get up and get out and better themselves,” said Hart, echoing the call-to-action of his #MoveWithHart initiative, backed by Nike. “This isn’t a race, it’s simply about motivating people to find the greatness within themselves and all I’m doing is I’m acting as a push. If you look good, you feel good; if you feel good, you do good."

Check out Hart's most motivational Instagram posts to see just how the A-list comic practices what he preaches by using his own fitness routine as a breeding ground for inspiration. 

What's Your Purpose? 

In this post-jog upload, Hart shares an epiphany with his followers, urging them to "put a purpose" behind their run- no matter the length. According to Hart, there should always be a motivation beyond physical fitness behind each and every workout.  


"I inspire to be great all the time," said Hart during his recent "Sunday Motivation" upload. 


"Obstacles are put in front of you to be ran thru....they are not suppose to stop you. Some obstacles are tougher than others but they can all be beat. Stay on course and make your dreams become your reality damn it!!!" captioned the 39-year-old comedian alongside a pic of him squeezing a run into his hectic schedule.  

No Excuses 

If Kevin Hart can keep up with his steady fitness schedule while touring, prepping for his next movie and promoting his soon-to-be-released film Night School, then you can too (damn it). "You make time for the things that are important....Lets gooooooooo," writes Hart. 

No Days Off 

"The best motivation in the world is seeing YOURSELF reach new levels!!!!!" captions the Philly-bred comedian alongside a snap of him and his weight rack.  

Monday Morning Motivation 

"Monday Morning Motivation....You got 1 life people....it is your job to live your life to the fullest....don't allow the negativity from others to effect you or YOUR LIFE....You are the only person that can live your life," writes Hart alongside a screenshot of his popular tweet.  

The New York Marathon

Unsurprisingly, Kevin Hart turned his completion of the 2017 New York Marathon into a source of inspiration for his fans by reminding them that they can accomplish anything that they put their mind to. 

Stay Focused 

"Focus on the things that can be changed in your life...Don't waste time focusing on the things that can't. The only time that you should look back in life is to see how far you've come," captions Hart alongside a snap of his toned physique. 

No Days Off 

When you grind as hard as Kevin Hart, there's no such thing as a "day off." 

Wake Up! 

For Kevin Hart, getting out of bed just isn't enough because according to him, you need to wake up and instantly get to work on becoming a better version of yourself than you were last week.