Maintaining a thriving relationship within an industry characterized by infidelity and near-constant public scandal is no small feat. While the revolving carousel of celebrity make-ups and break-ups consistently provides eye-catching headlines and tabloid readership, there's no denying the difficulty of falling (and staying) in love while firmly planted in the public eye. Unlike many of his peers, rapper Kevin Gates has successfully been able to hold down one woman, Dreka Gates, for over 13 years of dating and three years of marriage. With their loyalty to one another tested to max time and again, Dreka Gates has remained steadfast in her dedication to building up the man she views as her better half and unshakable life partner. 

"I feel like it’s the best thing we could’ve ever done," said Dreka Gates, referring to their decision to tie the knot. "Things haven’t always been the best, of course he strayed quite a few times but when he got down on his knees and cried and asked me to marry him, I knew it was real. At the end of the day, we’ve been through so much. We’ve been broke together, we’ve been rich together."

Echoing his wife's sentiments, the "2 Phones" rapper had nothing but great things to say about their journey together as man and wife. Stopping by Angela Yee's "Lip Service" soon after they tied the knot, Gates gushed about holding down his lover, the mother of his two children, and his business partner and booking manager for life. "Shit got better," said the Baton Rouge native. "Since we got married everything is 100 percent better. It changed me. I wasn't like this before I got married."

Just as Gates can hardly let a track slip by without dropping a reference to his woman, his Instagram feed speaks volumes about a man committed to his wife and label co-founder. Returning her husband's affection with the same intensity, Dreka Gates who has cultivated a social media following all her own frequently shows her followers that her devotion to her family ALWAYS comes first. 

To see the most devoted, happily-in-love photos of the Gates family on the 'Gram, peep the gallery below. 

Making Up For Lost Time 

"@drekagates and I gave our daughter @islahgates 2 parties for the 2 I missed - last year and the year before," captioned Gates alongside a photo with himself and his child, referring to the time he lost with his family while incarcerated. 

Me And My Gang

For Dreka Gates, nothing is better than a fun-filled day out with her family. 

Looking Forward 

While Dreka and her husband are already multi-millionaires, they have a shared vision of a better and brighter future that of course includes each other. 

Built To Last 

"Unfortunately with fame, a slew of people come that would rather get ahead/win off of your downfall than by their own merit. We've been targeted and tested a million times. We're built to last 💪," wrote Dreka alongside a picture of herself and her hubby. Clearly, the Gates family has some serious staying power. 

Family Man 

Despite the fact that Gates tours often, he still makes time for his two children, Islah and Khaza.

Wedding Bells 

"I'm finally here," captioned Dreka alongside a candid photo taken at their 2015 wedding. Weathering a myriad of storms together, both Dreka and her hubby are visibly proud to be tied together in marriage. 

They've Got Each Other 

A testament to the key pillar of selflessness present in any successful marriage, both Dreka and Kevin serve each other before they serve themselves. 


When the Gates family is all together, there's more than enough smiles to go around. 


Proving she has no interest in the touch of any other man, Dreka got the image of her hubby's hands cupping her breasts tatted on her body. 

Shared Faith 

Often citing their shared devotion to Islam as a driving force in their strong marriage, Dreka and Kevin made the holy journey to Mecca for Mecca for Hajj back in 2016.