Following a rocky end to 2016 that involved both a media firestorm and a suicide attempt, Kehlani proved stronger than her struggles and rose above the hate in 2017. Stretching into her role as a newly-minted activist for increased gender-identity acceptance, the "Honey" singer mobilized her devoted social media following into becoming ambassadors for acceptance and self-love.

Kehlani also released her debut studio album SweetSexySavage on January 27th 2017, serving as the lead writer on all of the tracks aside from "Intro" which was penned by Reyna Biddy. Notably, the album debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 which gave the singer-songwriter the commercial momentum needed to embark on her 2017 tour of the same name and land a feature on Eminem's Revival.

Kehlani's fearless, HBIC personality translates seamlessly into her music style and fashion, as the singer-songwriter is highly regarded for her risk-taking, experimental vibe both in front of a lens and behind the mic. Proving her status as a beauty chameleon, Kehlani has shown off a number of daring new looks throughout 2017, not afraid to switch up her hairstyle from her natural curls to a barely-there pixie cut and any number of brightly coloured wigs.

Check out this Instagram gallery of top hair-dos posted by the star herself, from red-carpet ready to those "just woke up" curls and nab some inspiration for your own 2018 glam game. After all, not every style requires Kehlani's confidence or killer cheekbones to be able to pull them off.

All Natural 

While Kehlani looks fierce in everything from a wig to a beanie on top of her head, we can't help but shout out her natural curls piled high, showcasing her cheekbones and perfectly-sculpted eyebrows. Just look at that, not a flyaway in sight.

The Bob

There's nothing like a bob that shows off your jawline AND has a smooth, A-line edge. The smoky, dark-to-light colouring suits Kehlani's rich brown eyes perfectly.

Blondes Have More Fun

Taking a break from a few months of dark-haired bobs, Kehlani broke free from slipping into a style rut with these bohemian blond curls.

The Best Lights Are Highlights 

Switching it up once more, Kehlani came THROUGH with these Balayage sweeping highlights courtesy of Freedom Couture wigs, ditching the curls for this poker-straight style.


Think Pink

While it's an unspoken rule to not match your eyeshadow to your clothing colour, there's nothing wrong with matching your neon makeup to your light beam of a wig, according to Kehlani. Somehow, the singer is able to effortlessly pull off this muted bright pink bob (feat. bangs) with ease.

Fire Engine Red

We are absolutely living for these fire truck-red blazing mermaid waves.


Sleek, Sleek, Sleek

Nothing screams "ready for business" like a sleek, low pony with a clipped-back dropdown face frame.

Keepin’ It Crimp

Kehlani rocked the perfect Coachella hairdo with this casual, bohemian-crimped style complete with hot pink accents.

Short-Cropped Curls

While Kehlani normally slicks back her natural curls for a sleek, red-carpet ready style she opted to leave product out for this look so as to better serve as a backdrop to visually question femininity.


Up & Ready

Fix up look sharp, as they say, and this picture right flaunts all of Kehlani's assets.