Jayda Cheaves is making 2021 her year. After negative press in 2020 from cheating scandals, the 23-year-old mother was unsatisfied with her ‘baby momma’ title. Her actions this year show she has made it her mission to make a name for herself outside of her rapper baby daddy, Lil Baby.

After the two split in February, Jayda began to rid herself of all reminders of Lil Baby, but these days, the two seem to be approaching reconciliation as the rapper continues to adorn Jayda with extravagant gifts.

Outside of her complicated relationship she has established herself as a woman of balance — focused on business ventures just as much as posting a new Birkin. 

Before dating Lil Baby, Jayda was already known as an influencer in Atlanta for her hair business, Amour, and apparently becoming a millionaire at just 20 years old.

For her son’s second birthday in February, Jayda gifted him his own children’s book business, starting with a short story written by her. A Day with Baby L.A. sold out completely, securing a stable financial future for her son, all the while using the limelight to her advantage.

In May, she celebrated the launch of her new business, a clothing line called Waydaminmerch. If anyone is going to bounce back this year, it is Jayda. She is a hard worker and loves to share how it all pays off. Her 'Gram is filled with sponsorships, bomb bikini photoshoots, and glamorous pictures before nights out. 

Check out some of her best looks below.

Sparkle Queen

Jayda started the new year off with an unforgettable look. 

Versace Mami

This simple edgy dress is the perfect backdrop for all her ice.

Mommy & Me 

Mom duties don't equal a day off of her game. 

Major 'Clueless' Vibes

Cher would have approved of this Chanel school-girl fit.

Out West

What look can't she pull off?

Bikini Besties 

Matching Louis Vuitton for Jayda and her best friend, singer Dess Dior.

Laced Up

Jayda poses for Savage X Fenty.

Vacay Ready

Glowing with gold.

Just Peachy

Perfectly paired with a matching purse.

Butterfly Fly

Even her casual looks still serve.

Business Boss

Work hard. Play hard.