Topping Forbes' 2017 list of the World's Highest Paid Celebrities after earning a staggering $130 million in the last calendar year alone, there's no denying that Diddy has surpassed every goal he set for himself after founding Bad Boy Entertainment back in 1993. Now a multi-hyphenate who has dipped his Midas fingers into the worlds of fashion and retail, while also landing a lucrative partnership with Ciroc vodka, Brother Love has succeeded in becoming an unflappable symbol of wealth, class, and his own favorite hashtag - #BlackExcellence. With the foundation of his far-reaching empire firmly intact, Diddy now has the breathing room to focus on being the very best father he can be to his progeny. Fathering six children (five of whom are his biological offspring) by former flames Misa Hylton-Brim, Kimberly Porter and Sarah Chapman, Diddy understandably takes his role as the head of his blended household very seriously. 

"I don’t care about the Forbes list. I care about being a great dad," Diddy revealed, speaking to People about juggling his roles as both an executive and a family man. "I got three girls, three boys, and they’re really kind, great people. They got a lot of love in their heart. I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

Never shy about sharing intimate family moments with his 11.5 million Instagram followers, Diddy's feed is frequently populated by pictures highlighting the time he and his brood spend together in his impressive $39 million Holmby Hills estate. Check out the cutest pics of Diddy and his kids enjoying the good life below.

Happy Thanksgiving 

In honor of Thanksgiving 2017, Diddy took the time out to dedicate a post to three of his children. "It’s a time for family!! It’s a time for love!!!
#FamilyFIRST #Thanksgiving," captioned the Bad Boy mogul. 

Family First 

In this full-family pic, there are more than enough smiles to go around. 


In this throwback pic, Diddy celebrates just how far his three daughters D’Lila and Jessie, and Chance have come since toddlerhood. 


"My boys are now KINGS," captioned Diddy alongside a snap of Christian and Justin Combs. 


Clearly, Diddy is proud of his son Christian and his career aspirations as a Bad Boy-signed up-and-coming rapper. 

Merry Christmas 

According to the reactions of his three daughters, Diddy earned the "greatest father of the year award" for surprising them with a puppy for Christmas. "If this ain’t Christmas I don’t know what is. COMBS FAMILY CHRISTMAS! #blackexcellence edition!!!! Letsssss goooooo!!!!" wrote Diddy alongside a short video of the reveal. 


As pictured here, Quincy, D’Lila, Jessie and Chance paused for a quick picture in their matching outfits for their dad's Instagram feed. 


"LEGACY, LEGACY, LEGACY, LEGACY! BLACK EXCELLENCE, WE GON’ LET THEM SEE!! #CombsFamily #blackexelllence" wrote Diddy, proudly captioning a picture of himself posing with two of his sons, Christian and Justin. 


The little ladies in Diddy's life aren't just his daughters, they're his queens. 


It's All Love

With four of his six children in one frame, Diddy only needs one word to describe the group pose: "L O V E."