Unlike some of his peers that would choose to have their latest track leaked over getting caught cracking a smile, DaBaby isn't afraid to show the world his sense of humor. From wearing a diaper at SXSW 2017 to interjecting some serious comedy and props into his music videos, DaBaby is more than happy to try to make his fans laugh-- and to laugh at himself. Boasting a confidence that makes him seemingly untouchable, DaBaby's finely-tuned comedic sensibilities are backed by an uncontested grit that has seen him emerge victorious from two armed robberies and a very public brawl at Louis Vuitton. 

Proud of his ability to flex a Family Guy chain just as quickly as he'd pull out his piece if you rushed him in the street, DaBaby is committed to using both sides of his persona to create a varied and vibrant discography. 

"I really just do me," he says, unswayed by flash-in-the-pan industry trends. "I'm not afraid to be creative and push the envelope when it comes to creating a vision for my music. I'm not doing [comedy] so much to break stereotypes, it just happens naturally. Every rapper doesn't need to be a tough guy in the video, with guns, staring into the camera like they're going to scare somebody. It doesn't need to go down like that anymore. I'm making it okay to have fun with your content."

Unsurprisingly, DaBaby's social media feed is just as hilarious as his music videos and public antics prove to be. For a collection of the rapper's most wylin' uploads. check out the Instagram gallery below. 


No one can stay quiet when "Suge" comes on. 


Babies On Babies 

No one can make cradling a baby doll look as realistic as Da Baby can. 



Da Baby stays on being extra-extra, and it's always good for a laugh.



With the release of the Blank Blank mixtape, there's no denying that 2018 was Da Baby's year.


Get Down 

Do you and yours get down to Da Baby's tracks? Tag him, and he'll proudly blast it on his feed. 


What Are You Lookin' At? 

Public fight at the Louis store? That's no such thing as bad press when Da Baby can laugh it off on the 'Gram. 


Gang Shit 

We see you, Becky. 


Knees Out 

Da Baby is confident enough to roll up to the cookout with his knees out. 


Big Head 

Da Baby's here to let you know he's OK with his PT Cruiser-lookin'-ass-head. 


 I Just Signed A Deal, I'm On 

No one can resist Suge's bars.