Cardi B's rise to stardom is like something one would hear from a fairy tale. That is if the story featured a Princess/former Exotic Dancer who battled her way up from the trenches and utilized a platform like Love & Hip Hop to catapult herself into the limelight. As if her tale weren't charming and inspiring enough, the added element of love makes Cardi B's life even more admirable given the fact that she and her significant other, Offset of the Migos, just recently got engaged.

Just as she won the heart of one of the hottest rappers in the game, over time, Cardi B has won over the hearts of millions of us because of her refreshingly honest and unique aura - as well as that infectious and hilarious laugh. Quite frankly, Cardi B may be the voice of a generation, if not the spirit animal to many millennials, both men and women, at least. We are talking about a woman that has the ability to turn heads with her curves while busting the ribs of innocent bystanders due to the severity of her comedy.

Whether she is giving us her acapella rendition of the viral 'For The Dick Challenge'twerking on her new Bentley Truck or simply keeping it real with a brutally blunt rant, Cardi B is forever entertaining on the gram. With the number of favourite or most funny Cardi B Instagram videos, we'll start this Instagram Gallery with her infamous reaction to when her hit single "Bodak Yellow" topped the charts. 

As for the other posts, we've compiled a collection of some of the funniest, most real and undeniably ratchet Cardi B videos for your viewing pleasure. Touching on everything from her roots in New York and her lineage as a stripper to her newly found life of luxury, this gallery pulls Cardi B videos showcasing all forms of the budding artist. So strap in and keep some tissues close by because you are bound to shed tears from laughing uncontrollably.

With the coninued amount of videos Cardi shares to her gram, consider this gallery one of many to come.

"Bodak Yellow" Hits No. 1 On The Billboard Charts

This first video is a testament to Cardi B's success and her entire being. Between the near nip slip, her inaudible mumbling and her genuinely beautiful energy, how can you not love this woman? She keeps it all the way real and has fun while doing so, and honestly, that's admirable.

Cardi B Keeps It Real 

Another reason Cardi B is near and dear in the hearts of many is that she keeps it 100% no matter what. She will tell it like it is, without regard to what you think, and that sort of attribute is incredibly scarce today. Shout out to the rapper for never sugar coating it.

Respect to her for pointing out the elephant in the room and saying everything we all want too, but don't have the balls to. Like this rant about the special type of thieves out there.

And don't try to come for Cardi with those 'spend wisely' remarks because she will flip you on your head with her highly reasonable dancer logic.

Cardi B Is As New York As They Come

There is something about the Big Apple that produces the most colourful and enchanting people and Cardi B is no exception. From her mannerisms to her staunch support of the city and its culture, Cardi B is one of New York's finest and it promptly adds to her cool factor every time she pops off like in the video below.

Cardi B Is One Of A Kind And That's Precisely Why She's Poppin'

If one fact reigns supreme it's that Cardi B is as original as they come. Every aspect of her larger than life persona is what allows her to shine like a diamond. In this last section, we have gathered together a short medley of videos that showcase the good, the bad, the goofy, the loud and the saucy components that make us swoon over Cardi B more and more every day.

Like, who would even think to make a video about how they smell like a gyro? Cue skull face emoji.

And it would appear by the looks of this video that the prowess of comedy runs in the family. We really can't even deal with Cardi and her sister adlibbing each other back and forth with '"Ow."

This whole obsession thing with the blanket, while it seems like she's doing the most, we know we have all been there before.

Last but certainly not least, we love Cardi because she is extra, after all, how can you not love that shit.