If you’ve ever doubted Cardi’s cash flow, a trip through her Instagram account will easily clear up any confusion. The 27-year-old Bronx rapper has a knack for the finer things in life and doesn’t mind showing them off to her 72 million followers. With an estimated $24 million net worth, it’s no wonder she splurges from time to time. 

Just think about the huge celebration Cardi threw for her daughter Kulture’s 2nd birthday last month. The event was complete with massive balloons, cotton candy machines, painting stations, giant slides, and, of course, tons of gifts for baby K. 

Perhaps the gaudiest of all, Cardi’s hubby and Kulture’s father Offset, who alone is worth about $26 million, gifted Kulture a $9,000 Birkin bag for her birthday. The internet was left in shambles after the couple revealed they had purchased the luxurious pink purse for their little one. Always quick to respond to internet trolls, Cardi responded, “...Cause if I was looking like a bad bitch, expensive bitch, and I have my kid looking like a bum-bum, they'd all be talking shit. So I'm not mad that daddy bought baby a Birkin. She gon' match mommy.”

As she said herself, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper doesn’t mind spending the extra cash to live lavishly. For your viewing pleasure, here is an Instagram gallery of Cardi B’s richest posts.  

The time she rocked Louis Vuitton head to toe-- including her ponytail. 

Vintage Chanel sunglasses and dress plus a Birkin bag… ‘nuff said. 

In addition to the literal wad of cash in her hand, the vintage Chanel sunglasses are making another appearance. 

Here are some shots of Kulture’s impressive 2nd birthday party. 

Kulture and Cardi got adorable matching Pateks and gold anklets for Kulture’s birthday. 

Cardi copped some new Cuban Link Chains while visiting LA. 

Does Cardi have a deal with Louis yet? Someone get on it. 

This full-color tattoo extending from the top of her back to her mid-thigh definitely cost the emcee a pretty penny. 

Another Birkin making an appearance. 

In this February Chanel look, Cardi paired the white bodycon dress with, you guessed it, another Birkin. 

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