From a King of Diamond's stripper with oft-criticized cheek piercings to an entrepreneur with her own beauty salon, Blac Chyna is now a certified expert at using her impressive assets to secure the bag. With a rear end that makes her exile from the Kardashian Kingdom seem like a missed opportunity, Chyna has maintained a steady income stream from promoting products that she allegedly uses to keep her impressive physique camera-ready. In between developing her budding music career, enjoying her rumoured romance with Playboi Carti and co-parenting with ex's Tyga and Rob Kardashian, the Lashed by Blac Chyna founder finds time to do the most for the 'Gram. 

Proving that you can still enjoy a banging body after two pregnancies by working out, eating right and having access to the top cosmetic doctors in Los Angeles, Chyna frequently shows her #ChynaDolls that she doesn't hesitate to show off her goodies on social media. From red carpet-ready looks in designer gowns to poolside twerk sessions, Chyna keeps her different looks on rotation to show that a makeup-free selfie in bed can set a thirst trap just as strong as a sexy lingerie snap.

Whether it's the Fit Tea, the Miracle Bust cream, or the Insta Curve waist trimmer, Chyna is all-too-eager to consistently remind her fans that she has a body worth showing off. As said by the almost-Mrs. Kardashian herself, "I'm always sexy. You gotta stay sexy." Curious about the best of the best when it comes to HBIC's smouldering-hot IG looks? Look no further than this gallery dedicated to throwing more light on Blac Chyna's shine.

Naked-In-Bed Abs Shot

While she could have easily slipped a gym selfie into her IG feed, Blac Chyna chose to do the most by showing off her upper abs while in bed wearing nothing more than a loosely-draped sheet. While barely covering her ample chest, Chyna revealed her super snatched waist that's starting to show some serious definition. 

Lady In Red

Proving that she can still sniff out a deal even after she upgraded her whip to a Ferrari Spider, Blac Chyna posed in red, tight-fitting lingerie provided by popular fashion brand Fashion Nova. Clearly the model agrees with the "less is more" outlook when it comes to serving up sexy style.


With a wig that throws us back to Chyna's pre-Kardashian days, the entrepreneur posed suggestively on some rocks while sipping on some water in a barely-there black bikini. Dangerously close to a nip slip, the model is clearly more concerned with setting a literal thirst trap than with the 'Gram getting even more of an eyeful.  

Post-Baby Body

Just two months after she gave birth to daughter Dream, Blac Chyna showed fans she's still in the game by posing with her flat, bare stomach in clear view. In an opened black and gold robe paired with black bikini panties, the reality star shut down haters who questioned just how quickly she would bounce back and reclaim her sexy status. 

The "Angela" Look

Dropping the wigs and fully-beat face she normally rocks, Blac Chyna switched up her look to match her "Angela" vibe for a nude, more muted expression of beauty. With nothing other than a sheet wrapped around her prone form, Chyna looks ultra-sleek with her natural hair and the use of soft lighting to create the perfect IG shot.  

Wrapped In Gold 

For all the lengths she's gone to in the past to keep her nipples from peeking out in her social media feed, Blac Chyna had no problem throwing caution to the wind for this shot. In a slinky gold number, the intimate details of Chyna's rack are put on full display.


In this tasteful shot dedicated to Black History Month, Chyna celebrates the beauty of her form by posing for the 'Gram clad in only thin strokes of green and white paint.  

Push-Up Bikini

With her sizable top half fighting against gravity to stay perky and upright, Blac Chyna dished on the secret to her flawless poolside photos by treating fans to a video of how her Perfect Sculpt bikini works. 

White Lace

In a slinky white lace number that leaves little to the imagination Chyna smoldered by posing with a suggestive pout, completely nonplussed by the fact that the lace decoration barely covered both her nipples and lower half. 


In a deep-cut one piece bathing suit paired with a set of lace-up black heels, Chyna found the perfect angle to show off the entire set of her impressive features. The secret? You'll just need the trifecta of sunset lighting, highlighter, and a poolside backdrop.