As the undisputed princess of Murder Inc., singer-songwriter and R&B icon Ashanti has been making moves since the early aughts. Cranking out banger after banger as the perfect lyric soprano compliment to longtime collaborator Ja Rule's gruff, deep-voiced delivery, the "Always on Time" singer has undoubtedly earned her spot on every "Best of '00's" playlist made years after her eponymous debut album hit the shelves back in 2002.

While there's no question that Ashanti's star power has faded since she first burst onto the scene, she's still an icon in the industry with an impressive six studio albums under her belt and a full-length collaboration with Ja Rule on the way. Still fully dedicated to her craft and keeping her figure tour-ready, Ashanti has shown the world time and again that she still knows how to play the game - and has the killer curves to prove it. 

Speaking to HypeBae,Ashanti dished on her mindset behind always looking and feeling her best. "Personally, I feel like you should always try to look for your best asset. If it’s your eyes, or if it’s your waist – whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself, accentuate that," said the "Rock Wit U" hitmaker. "Just never feel like you have to change because of what someone else says or wants."

Despite the fact that her ticket sales aren't what they once were, (a fact that 50 Cent is all too happy to point out on social media) Ashanti still stays busy on the 'Gram hyping up her "best assets" for the viewing pleasure of her nearly 4 million followers. 

Curious to see what the 38-year-old stunner looks like these days? Peep the hottest looks from her Instagram feed below. 


Pictured here, Ashanti accentuates her tiny bikini look with some well-placed silver glitter. 



Move over, new Instagram thots...because Ashanti is clearly still gunning for that #WCW status. 

String Bikini

In this short clip, Ashanti proves that she still smolders just as hot as before in a tiny red string bikini. 


Clearly, Ashanti still knows how to get down. 


The "Rain on Me" singer knows how to set a thirst trap by showing her followers that she's almost down to #FreeTheNipple. 

Baby Got Back 

Thankfully, Ashanti has the (natural) backside to match her killer curves and gravity-defying rack.


If most wannabe Instagram models had a body like Ashanti, they'd be "reflecting on their blessings" too. 


Along with effortlessly pulling off poolside pics, Ashanti shows her followers that she's always red carpet-ready. 


Clearly, Ashanti isn't afraid to flaunt her natural assets. 

Feeling Girly 

Apparently, when Ashanti's "feeling girly," she splashes out for a poolside photo shoot.