Hip hop & rap have always been intertwined with fashion. Throughout the years, and corresponding decades, the flirtatious relationship between the two has evolved into a stunning and complex cohort that puts artists at the forefront of the scene by naming them as both early adopters and creators.

Take for instance the ultra-minimalistic origins of Run-DMC's trendsetting "My Adidas" aesthetic. It wasn't the catchy, brash nature of the song played in the ad that turned the Adidas Superstar toed sneaker into an iconic style staple, it was the way Run-DMC made them look dope. Whether they wore them with no laces, the tongue flared out or with 'fatboy' bar laces complete with a full Adidas jumpsuit, the look was infamous and became the source of fashion inspiration for generations.

Before we knew it, the intrinsic style of Hip Hop as both art form and culture was disseminating into mainstream waves. What happened next was the transformation of rappers as legitimate influencers.

Fast forward nearly 16 years, and we still see that hip hop's aesthetic, both fashionably and musically, have a strong relationship. The purveyors of the new age style have pushed the boundaries on what's acceptable for artists and in turn, have re-shaped the way that style and the musical genre intersect.

We now look to our most prime example, A$AP Rocky. From his early beginnings, carrying the word of Raf Simmons and Rick Owens on the soles of his Jeremy Scott Adidas' in the video for his breakthrough hit, "Pesos," Rocky has introduced some groundbreaking and highly influential ideologies into the realm of hip hop style. What's his most jiggy style characteristic though? That Pretty Flacko swag. No matter if he is following suit of Harlem icons like Dapper Dan or he is going with the flow and keeping it cozy, A$AP Rocky is insane with the fashion game. In honour of his prowess of style and utterly uncompromised cool factor, we rounded up some of Rocky's cleanest Instagram posts to present to you the most "Pretty Flacko" photo gallery of the A$AP Mob to date. Sit back and observe the many multitudes and layers of the Pretty Flacko Swag.

Pretty Flvcko

This first category is meant to provide some much-needed context into exactly what it is and what it means to be "Pretty Flacko." While the true definition of 'Pretty Flacko' is both colloquial and formal in definition, we have come to understand the term to be an adjective describing what it's like to be fresh as fuck. So with that in mind, we bring you a collection of photos of A$AP Rocky that are the perfect depiction of hip hop and swag, like this shot of him pointing dangerous finger guns.

We call this next one the "Flacko Power-Clout Squat" because that is exactly what we see pictured in this glorious photo.

Here's a textbook example of Pretty Flacko, dubbed 'Flvcko'.

And here is another snap of the A$AP's swag in full effect, featuring an extra luxurious Hermès blanket.

This edition of swag is taken over the top with the black and white treatment.

Of course, what would the infamous Pretty Flacko swag be without the pretty boy smile.

Flacko & Friends

While the dope looks were popularized by A$AP Rocky himself, there are plenty of his associates who exceptionally exemplify what it means to be Pretty Flacko. The fact of the matter is that being this cool is just that much sweeter when you have the added sauce from fire supporting cast of legendary friends. This section is all about Flacko and his friends stunting with ease, like this photo of Rocky and Kanye tearing down the Coachella stage.

How about this photo of Flacko and ultra cool fashion tastemaker, Matthew Henson. Who is more flee'd up in your opinion?

This one is for the MOB, full on AWGE shit. Also, Kanye voice "Do you see this coat?"

And another two for the collective.


High Fashion Flacko

Whether he is styling and profiling in his own videos, on the runway, starring in a campaign for some elite fashion house or basking on the cover for a major publication, Flacko Jodye is always high fashion. This last collection of shots helps to round out the visual representation of what it means to be Pretty Flacko. It's all about elevating the style that meets the eye like the recent 'Super' sauce he lent to Elle China.

And his casual get-up for GQ Style.

And how can we forget when Flacko did Dior?

And when Flacko was Gucci Gang before "Gucci Gang."

And when he was Wang Gang before, well, you get the picture.